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Simple & Straightforward

Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) are one of the cornerstones of an effective marketing strategy. To maximize the impact of a PPC campaign, it is important to understand the science involved in managing the creation and management of a good ad strategy. This includes, but is not limited to, keyword strategy, ad creation, focusing on the right channels and platforms, analyzing data, and calibrating each ad campaign to maximize ROI.

Keyword strategy is not a one-time thing. What works today often will not work tomorrow, and it takes a seasoned PPC manager to pivot when trends change.

The copy used in PPC ads is just as important as any other factor when creating and managing a PPC campaign. One advantage of a full-service marketing agency is that they will often have writers, editors, and designers on staff to create ads that are compelling and prompt actions from the right audience.

Google Ads are usually the first thing that comes to mind when PPC is considered. However, multiple ad channels exist, including social media ads. A good PPC manager will test and measure these channels to allocate ad spend in the right amounts in each channel, whether it be Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Continually analyzing results and making the appropriate adjustments are crucial to the long-term success of a PPC strategy. The ability to analyze results and make data-driven decisions is the hallmark of a great PPC manager.

Our core PPC pricing model reflects our belief that we work best when our interests are aligned with our client's interests. If we perform, you win. If you win, you are likely to grow. If you grow, we grow. For that reason, we do not charge a "monthly management" fee. We only charge a percentage of your ad spend. If you increase your spending because we are delivering great leads, we all win. The only time we charge a flat monthly fee of any kind is if you select our optional enhanced management package.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research and Planning
  • Dedicated Paid Ads Engineer
  • Professional Ad Creation & Copy
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Daily Performance Monitoring
  • Monthly Account Review
Base Monthly Management Fee
Monthly Ad Spend
Monthly Fee % of Ad Spend
$5,000 - $15,000
$15,001 - $30,000
$30,001 - $60,000
$60,001 - $100,000

Optional Add-On

  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Instagram Ad Management
  • Enhanced Reporting & Analytics
  • A/B Testing
$1295 Per month

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