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Close More Loans with Sales Automation

Turbocharge your sales with the mortgage industry's most advanced sales automation platform.


Sales Automation

  • Increase conversion rates and close more deals
  • Improve productivity by up to 400%
  • Accelerate sales processes by 30x or more over manual methods
  • Save time on tedious tasks like sending emails, scheduling meetings, and following up with leads
  • Ensure that qualified leads are not lost through cracks or lack of attention
  • Gain access to insights about your prospects' needs, so you can provide them with a better customer experience

*HubSpot Sales CRM subscription is required for Sales Automation Services.

Close More Deals with Less Effort

Sales automation is the best way to improve your efficiency, eliminate manual tasks, streamline recurring activities, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Key Features

Enhanced Sales Pipeline Sales Deal Pipeline with stages specifically designed for the mortgage loan officers.
Pipeline Configuration Pipeline configuration tailored for mortgage companies and professionals.
Marketing Template Design Includes a marketing email template designed for mortgage brokers and loan officers.
Nurturing Automation Sales workflows built to automate lead nurturing, tasking, and communication.
Email Sequences Customized lead nurturing email templates designed to target mortgage prospects.
Custom Industry Properties CRM fields and properties for capturing the most important information for mortgage leads.
Custom Dashboard Enhanced dashboard with reporting to monitor and analyze your company's sales pipeline, closing ratios, and numerous key metrics.
Training Live, online training included with our sales automation package, as well as access to our training academy and knowledge base.
Long-Term Drip Campaign Automated drip campaign to continue to stay in touch with 'lost' deals designed to recapture leads that were previously lost.

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